James Bullough is an American born artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. His studio paintings, and huge monumentally scaled site-specific murals combine delicately handled realistic portraiture with harsh graphic distortion and abstraction.  Inspired by the gritty urban graffiti he saw as a young artist growing up in Washington, DC, Bullough harnessed it’s energy and edge while teaching himself more traditional realistic oil painting techniques by studying the Old Masters. Combining the momentum of the one and the technical precision of the other, his work is about staging compelling contrasts and juxtapositions. Whether working with spray paint on massive facades or oils in his studio, Bullough’s work strikes a delicate balance between realistic portraiture and stylised distortions, straddling the space between traditional and contemporary.

Bullough’s studio work has been exhibited at numerous galleries, museums, and art fairs across the globe and with multiple sold out solo shows to his name his work continues to be in high demand.  His murals can be found world wide with landmark pieces in New Zealand, Sweden, France, Germany, The Ukraine, and throughout the US.




March 2023                           Goldshteyn Saatort Gallery – Paris France

Oct 2023                                Goldshteyn Saatort Gallery – Paris France

Jan 2023                                Galeries Bartoux – Paris France

Feb 2020                                (SOLO) ‘Parallel Truths’ – Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angeles California USA

Sept 2018                               Urban Nation Museum – Second show – (Permanent Collection) – Berlin, Germany

Dec 2017                                (SOLO) Scope Art Fare – Thinkspace Gallery featured artist – Miami USA

Dec 2017                                Juxtapoz Magazine Clubhouse – Miami USA

Sept 2017                               Urban Nation Museum – Grand Opening – (Permanent Collection) – Berlin, Germany

June 2017                               (Feature Artist) LAX/DTW – Innerspace Gallery– Detroit USA

May 2017                                Flourish – MESA Contemporary Arts Museum – Mesa AZ USA

Feb 2017                                 POW! WOW!  – Honolulu Museum of Art – Honolulu HI USA

May 2016                                (SOLO) – Breaking Point – Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angeles Ca. USA

March 2016                             Scope art fair – NYC USA

Dec 2015                                 The Reason for the Season – Stolenspace Gallery – London UK

Dec 2015                                  Scope art fair – Miami Fla USA

Sept 2015                                 Brotherhood – Johathan LeVine Gallery currated by Yasha Young – New York, NY. USA

Aug 2015                                  Pain/Ting – Currated by Juan Arata and 19 Karen Gallery (AU) at Open Walls Gallery – Berlin, Germany

June 2015                                 Vitalitiy and Verve – Long Beach Museum of Art, Thinkspace Gallery, & POW WOW Long Beach – Long Beach Ca. USA

June 2015                                 LAX/DTW – Currated by Thinkspace Gallery at Inner State Gallery – Detroit MI USA

April 2015                                 GUMBO – Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angeles Ca. USA

Feb 2015                                   The 2nd Annual POW! WOW!: Exploring The New Contemporary Movement – Honolulu Museum of Art – Honolulu HI USA

Feb 2015                                   Transcendence – Art Whino Gallery – Washington DC USA

Jan 2015                                   ‘La Familia’ – Thinkspace 10th Anniversary Show – Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angeles Ca. USA

Dec 2014                                  Thinkspace Gallery Showcase – Aqua Art Fare – Miami, Florida USA

July 2014                                  We Box – Ambulatorium Gallery – Berlin, Germany

May 2014                                 LAX/TXL – Currated by Thinkspace LA. at Urban Nation – Berlin, Germany

Aug 2013                                  All My Stars Exhibition – Strychnin Gallery – Berlin, Germany – (JBAK)

Aug 2013                                  Project “M” – Urban Nation – Berlin, Germany – (JBAK)

July 2013                                  The Circle Show – Urban Spree – Berlin, Germany

Dec 2012                                  Metropolitan – Strychnin Gallery – Berlin, Germany

Sept 2012                                 re:MMX – MMX Gallery – Berlin Germany

April 2012                                 Various – CoVerlag Gallery – BerlinGermany

Jan 2011                                   ENCORE – MMX Gallery – Berlin, Germany

Oct 2010                                   Show VII – MMX Gallery – Berlin, Germany

April 2010                                 Featured Artists Group Show – De Castellane Gallery – Brooklyn, NY USA