Painting/Studio Assistant Needed

I am currently looking for a part-time or full-time studio assistant to join me in my Berlin studio.  The position is primarily that of a painting assistant so knowledge and skill with oil paint and/or acrylic paint is necessary.  Examples of your own work are necessary for application to the position.

My schedule is erratic so some times there is much more work to be done then other times.  Therefore the amount of work (full-time/part-time) is negotiable and can vary (between 2-4 or 5 days a week) depending on what projects are currently on the table.

For applicants living outside of Berlin – if you are selected for the position, I can offer a three month trial period.  (See more details below)

Experience and skill in painting is required for this position.  Expertise in all other categories below is not necessary, we will work closely together and many of these tasks will be learned by doing them with me.



-Main tasks-

  • Work on under-paintings for studio paintings (see explanation below)
  • Building and preparing canvases and wood panels for painting
  • Cleaning and organizing studio

-Occasional tasks-

  • Packing paintings and prints for shipping
  • Running daily errands such as buying supplies and taking artwork to the scanners etc.
  • Occasional administrative tasks such as emails, social media posts, and interviews



  • Learning / painting techniques / business practices – assistant will work closely with me learning my techniques and processes of art making as well as behind the scenes on how I run my business.
  • Travel – when the budget allows and help is needed, the assistant will travel with me to assist on murals and other projects around the world.
  • Connections in the industry – there will be endless opportunities to meet artists, galleries, collectors, and other industry leaders.
  • Studio space – I have a studio that is big enough for two and in the center of the city.  The assistant position comes with the use of my studio to work on your own projects in your own time.
  • Pay is negotiable but likely only after a trial period.


Under-painting – The main task of this position is working on my under-paintings.  My paintings are always painted in layers.  The first step of each painting is a rough under-painting to block in the different elements of the painting… mainly the figure.  The drawing of the figure will be done by me, and on top of that, the first underpainting layer will be done by the assistant.  I will then add the final layer(s) on top of the underpainting until the piece is finished.  Depending on the skill level of the assistant, other elements in the paintings may also be done by the assistant.

Three month trial period – If selected for the position and you live outside of Berlin…     America, and some other countries have a visa waiver period of three months meaning you can come to Berlin for three months without needing a visa.  During these three trial months, arrangements can be made for further stay if both parties wish.  This will be the responsibility of the applicant to organize a visa and a longer stay but in Berlin this is very doable and there are many resources to help you with this process.  It would be a good idea to look into the process before applying to this position to get an idea of what it requires and if that is something you would like to do.



Send me an email with a brief description of yourself including where you live (if not in Berlin, are you willing to move to Berlin?), and your experience with painting.  Include a minimum of 6 examples of your own work and no more than 12.  If the files are too large for email, please send them with WeTransfer.  If you have a website or online portfolio, you can simply provide a link.

Send your application to james (at)